Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Zombie Apocalypse Buddy

Sorry I've missed the last month's worth of League assignments. When life throws you lemons, they pelt you in the face and keep throwing them until you call "Uncle"...or something like that.

This week's "League" assignment asks "What TV/movie character would you want by your side when the zombie apocalypse is upon us?"

There is only one guy that I'm pretty sure would help me to survive any apocalypse:

Doc Savage: Man of Bronze.

My first "run-in" with Doc Savage was about ten years ago, when I saw that TNT was playing a live-action Doc Savage movie late at night. I set up the VCR and recorded it. It was fantastic! This guy was like Batman minus the secret identity. And, he had his own team of guys that would help him out no matter what the outcome was.

Plus, I'm pretty sure this guy would punch zombies square in the face and not even flinch.

In the movie, he fights bad guys with his intelligence, strength, and at times a few little accessories, just like Batman. The guy that played him in the movie was Ron Ely, who also played Tarzan. This is one of my favorite bad movies, and you can get it on Warner DVD here. They are made to order, which seems to be what they are doing with their huge library of movies and hard to find television/cartoon shows.

If you get a chance to see the movie, it's horrible, but it's a "fun" kinda horrible, and definitely worth checking out.

Here are a few others that participated this week:

  • Christopher Tupa of "Tupa's Treasures" picked Mr. T
  • Ashley of "Life With Fandom" picked The Doctor
  • Brian of "Cool & Collected" picked Blain from Predator

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  1. This dude looks like an Alpha Male if I've ever seen one.