Friday, February 10, 2012

My Favorite Movie of All Time

The League of Extraordinary Bloggers was created by Brian over at Cool and Collected. Go check out his site! It's awesome!

This is my first mission with the "League" -- to name the one movie that is my "go to" movie. The one film that I could probably recite every line, remember every action, even pull out trivia because I have seen it SOOO much that other people would probably refuse to see it with me.

That film is...

Superman: The Movie.

I never got to see this in the theater, but my first movie that I remember ever really sitting there and thinking, "Wow! This is the greatest film of all time!" was Superman. I first caught this when ABC was showing it as their "Movie of the Week" that almost every station would do in the 80s. It's the one movie that got me into comic books, as well as the Superfriends cartoon that would show on Saturday mornings. Since I first watched it, every time it's been on TV, I have stopped to watch it, no matter what part of the movie it was. It didn't matter. I knew the movie so well that I could come in at any point and not be phased because I had seen it so much. My wife bought me the VHS copy when we first were building our movie collection, and when DVDs became popular, we bought the box set, which was our first big set on DVD.

I love this movie. I've even gotten to the point where I'm riffing it in my head while I'm watching it! My wife was watching the movie with me, and I started giggling during a dramatic part of the film, and we had to stop it so I could fill her in on the jokes in my head. If it wasn't for the fact that she loves me, I'm sure she would have killed me had my jokes gotten worse.

I know, I'm rambling...

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  1. Your post inspired me to break out the Superman four-pack DVD set. I watched the first one last night and was really impressed with how well it held up. Haven't seen it in many, many years.